Documenting the Evidence

If you've followed the advice from the previous pages, by this time you should have a file with all the documents you need in order to successfully represent your case. The more thorough your documentation, the easier it will be to bring up the relevant information while you are arguing your case. Here's a visual comparison of all the evidence I submitted in my case (left pile) vs what the Opposite Party lawyer submitted throughout the whole case (right pile). It was clear right from the beginning they had no proof that they had tried to resolve the issue for the consumer and were just trying to delay the proceedings as much as they could.

I used to carry the file with me for every hearing and was able to easily pull up information that the Ho'n Judges asked for during the proceedings. The file also helped when the Opposite Party lawyer bumbled through the details of the case and I was able to correct him by sharing the actual numbers.

For the initial case papers and evidence affidavit, I matched the language used in the legal notice and case papers drafted by Voxya's lawyers. For the list of evidence, however, they expected the information to be listed in a specific way and I had to resubmit the document. Note that this template may vary from court to court. The first version I had submitted was recommended by a lawyer who does not practice in the District Consumer Redressal Forums so while the format was accepted in their court, it was not accepted at the Consumer Forum.

You can make a copy of the template linked below. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  • Title should be "List of Documents may be marked as exhibits of Complainant"

  • List of proofs attached need to be marked with Exb. A-[Number], no sub-numbering (for A-2.1, A-2.2 etc not allowed)

  • Printouts for each proof should be made on a single page and the back side should be blank (no front and back printing)