Voxya Review

Voxya is an online consumer complaint forum which helps consumers share complaints regarding defective products or services and reaches out to the company on their behalf. It also offers affordable legal services to consumers and connects them to lawyers who are experts on the Consumer Protection Law.

I had used Voxya twice before and had gotten the refund from the company in one of the cases. So, when I had to file a case on TCL, that was the first place I started. Voxya offers multiple options when you file the complaint and since in this case, I had already tried to contact the company multiple times, I chose the highest option which was preparing the case for approaching the Consumer Forum.

What works?

  • Easy access to legal services: If not for Voxya, I would have probably not considered filing this case. It felt too time consuming to try to identify a local lawyer and understand the nuances of the Consumer Forum to send a legal notice.

  • Tracking at each step: Once I was connected to the lawyer, there were clear instructions on what information was needed to draft the documentation. Each step was tracked so I knew where I was in the process and how much time it would take.

  • Social reach: Voxya amplifies the complaint on their social channels for higher reach. I didn't opt for this option as it wasn't clear how effective this is since I don't see the companies responding to these posts. However, for smaller claims, showing them the complaint plus the Voxya posts might help resolve the issue quicker.

What can be improved?

  • End to end guidance: It would have been helpful if Voxya had mentioned the steps after the case was submitted in the relevant forum. The comment section of our complaint is closed off once the case papers are delivered so it's not possible to ask any follow-up questions.

  • Company Contact Info: Voxya depends on us to provide the company contact info and if we haven't had any luck contacting them directly, there's a high chance that Voxya might not get a response either. It would be helpful if Voxya had a list of contacts for each company from their resolved cases to increase the chances of resolution.

  • Connect with the same lawyer: Voxya does offer a paid Talk to the Lawyer service but the lawyer may be assigned at random. I asked if I could talk to the same lawyer who had prepared my case papers and (at that time) they said that would not be possible. It would be helpful if the same lawyer could have been assigned since they already have context regarding my case.

  • Hiring a Lawyer through Voxya: Voxya also offers a paid service where a Lawyer will file the case for you and represent you in court. The fees for this (at that time) was quoted as Rs. 9,500 for documentation and submission and Rs. 800 per hearing plus legal charges. Again, there wasn't much scope for discussion and it wasn't clear if I could hire someone just for the hearings if we have already submitted the case.

Overall my experience with Voxya has been great and I'll definitely use them for future cases.